Jean-Francois Mercure
I am a self-taught photographer. I use effectively almost all types and formats of photography that exists. Over the years, I developed my own photo lab, my darkroom, and established my methods for analog black & white, as well as colour photography. I also have professional abilities for digital photography.
My artistic ambition concerns the exploration of real and fictitious characters, that we love or dislike, or that show attitudes that attracts us or fascinates us. I play with beauty and style, with the real and the unreal. 
I have extensive experience, I have been exhibited once or twice, but I work very much part-time on my photography. I have done commissions, but do not normally do what people tell me. I find artistic value of any work the most important. It doesn't need to follow social conventions.
My images are licensed. For information, please contact me.
You can buy authentic handmade photographic prints, straight from my darkroom at:
Where you can request any image from here to be printed in any size up to 20"x24", colour or B&W.
See also my work on:
I often work with/hire models, see my portfolio on
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